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Mr. Jaysun, was named with “100 integrity Star" of Jiangsu Province



        The result of 3rd “100 integrity Star” was announced, Mr. Jaysun, the president of Jiangsu Jaysun Glove Co., Ltd. is on the list. The "100 integrity Star" was selected by 8 government departments; this selection is aimed at the implementation the action of Social Integrity Construction, and playing a typical demonstration of the role of integrity. During the past years, under the leadership of Mr. Jaysun, Jiangsu Jaysun Glove Co., Ltd. developed factories, products, market service with great integrity, and made contributions to the construction of “Integrity Jiangsu”. This honor will bring a good opportunity to Jaysun Glove, to help Jayusn Glove to improve the long-term construction mechanism of integrity, to create a good fashion of “to be honest as a man, and to be trustworthy as doing work”. We believe the construction of integrity in factory will grows to a new height.



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